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Newcastle and Gateshead Local Plan

July 17, 2013

The Local Plan expresses our vision of Newcastle as a prosperous, attractive, and sustainable city. We demonstrate our commitment to ensuring Newcastle’s future as:

  • a working city (through the generation of thousands of new jobs),
  • a sustainable city (adhering to principles that are ecological, protecting and enhancing biodiversity and the natural environment),
  •  a city with decent neighbourhoods (through strong investment in facilities to meet day to day community needs), and
  • a city committed to tackling inequalities (building thousands of new, affordable homes, granting greater access to the housing market for those in need).

Estimates suggest the population of our city will grow to beyond 300,000 over the next 30 years. If our city is going to grow and prosper it is of paramount importance that we can support a skilled workforce, which of course requires the supply of affordable housing. Many young families find it difficult locating a home they can afford, in a community they want to live, and people may be forced to commute to their place of work within the city due to a lack of opportunities.

To address this, the Future Home Fund will bring £25m of new investment over the next three to four years to help stimulate the housing market and bring forward the development of affordable homes in brownfield locations. We plan to build 21,000 new homes in the city by 2030, 15,000 of which will be built in the existing urban area – as we recognise both the conveniences of living close to the city centre and the need, wherever possible, to protect our beautiful environment around the city.

Newcastle’s village communities are also great places to live, and ensuring the survival of those communities requires investment in their future. Our plan outlines their controlled expansion to avoid the risk of unsustainable, harmful development. In setting out plans to build new homes in Greenfield sites we outline our commitment to the support of these communities through securing the future of local schools, shops, and public transport services that these growing communities will need.

Over the past 30 years Newcastle’s economy has been through a period of transformation, shifting focus away from ‘heavy’ industry towards knowledge-based services. Newcastle’s economy has performed strongly in the previous decade but still lags behind the national average, particularly in terms of employment. The plan will support the growth of an additional 14,000 jobs by 2030. Looking ahead we have identified a number of areas that will be the back bone of a thriving economy: offshore engineering and the life sciences, the continued growth of business and financial services and in the retail heart.

To enable such trades to flourish we will create the room needed for business expansion on new sites such as Walker Riverside, Science Central, Stephenson Quarter, East Pilgrim Street and at Newcastle City Airport. We will also look to improve accessibility to the city through transport links in and around the city, with an emphasis on enhancing pedestrian and cycle routes so that our city’s growth does not conflict with our vision of Newcastle as an environmentally friendly city.

The North East is likely to experience more and more adverse effects as a consequence of climate change with increased flood risks and other severe weather events. We understand the need for action, not only to prepare against any potential threat, but to act, alongside others, with a joint purpose to reduce carbon emissions and play our part in addressing climate change. Newcastle City Council has signed the Covenant of Mayors, the mainstream European movement involving local and regional authorities in the fight against climate change. It is based on a voluntary commitment by signatories to meet and exceed the EU 20% reduction objective through increased energy efficiency and development of renewable energy resources.

The plan has been established through an active dialogue with our communities and we have considered the needs of future generations as well as those who currently reside in our great city. We are very excited about this plan which will protect the status of our great city through more jobs, affordable housing, sustainability, and successful business.

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