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Welcome to the city

October 2, 2013

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome all new and returning students to Newcastle.

We have a proud tradition of being a great city for students from across the country, across the globe and those closer to home. We have two world class universities and one of the biggest further education institutions in the country.

Newcastle is a great place to learn and enjoy life, but it is also somewhere where I hope you will always feel welcome and become an important member of the community in which you live.

As a student you make a vital contribution to the economic future of our city, through direct employment and providing a skilled workforce that attracts world-class employers.

Our retail and services industries benefit from our large student population and the cultural diversity of the city is enhanced.
And on an individual level every student can make a huge difference to the city and their local neighbourhood. We are incredibly lucky to have proactive student unions that offer a wide variety of volunteering opportunities and as a council we are keen to support this where we can.

I would also encourage every student to find out more and get involved in the democratic process in the city and the best way to do this is go along to your local ward ‘get-together meeting’. You are a resident and have a right to get your voice heard.

I’d also urge you to get involved in the city’s democracy. Please register to vote so you can have your say about national and local issues.

Other things can make a huge difference too. As a city we are committed to increasing levels of recycling and protecting our environment now and in the future so it is important every resident using their recycling bin to its potential. And we need to look after where we live so Newcastle continues to be clean and green.

Many services that the council and partners provide will play some part in your life in Newcastle, for example knowing your collection day for general and recycled waste, registering with a local GP surgery or applying for a residential parking pass.

To make this easy to find when you do need to know, we have put this on one webpage which I would encourage you to visit

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