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Improving our website

November 24, 2013

Over the past year, we’ve been working behind the scenes improving the council’s website. It’s all part of our move to becoming digital by default, making all of our services available online.

We’re pleased to release the beta website for you to view ahead of our launch in the coming weeks, have a browse and let us know what you think by completing this quick survey.


Technology is changing and is transforming our daily lives. All the regular things we used to do have now been transformed in this new digital era, from shopping online, checking our bank accounts, to communicating with friends and family through social media. We’re now used to being connected from anywhere with any device and as a council we need to transform our services to meet this demand.

Our website gets over 250,000 visits a month, and it is the most popular channel for citizens – whether they want to apply for planning permission, pay their council tax or report missed bin collections – we already offer a lot of services online.

The changes we’ve done are building on what we have and making the website more user-friendly. We’ve listened to what a panel of users has had to say and all the improvements have been based on the feedback they and others gave.

A big part of the improvements has been around the content, keeping what’s necessary to allow people to find information easily, updating information so you don’t find pages are out of date, and improving the ‘user journey’ to complete tasks on the website quickly.

More and more people are now using their smartphones to browse the web. Visits to the council’s website from mobiles and tablets account for more than 25% of total visits. We’ve redesigned the website so it works and looks better when you’re on the move.

We hope you like our new-look website as much as we do!

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